The Personal Revolution To Freedom and Power



Guide to Power supplies special mind-guiding tools that raise the consciousness and personal power of its readers. The Guide to Power companion device, The Mind Guide, is useful in the mastery of personal power and in playing The Mind Guide game (a unique game that interacts with the real world).

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* James E. Lovelock has taken the consciousness of Mother Earth to a modern scientific level. Lovelock defines Gaia, Mother Earth, "as a complex entity involving the Earth's biosphere, atmosphere, oceans, and soil; the totality constituting a feedback or cybernetic system which seeks an optimal physical and chemical environment for life on this planet."

To kill Mother Earth, quick or slow is to kill ourselves in lockstep. —Author

Perhaps you are aware that mankind faces a Brave New World in which many multinational corporations are now the enemy of the people and democracy. The Guide to Power and Skeptic's Guide, which are combined books for our time, will help to inform and prepare you for the coming battles to overturn corporate rule (that is presently destroying the world).

"Fascism should more appropriately be called corporatism because it is the merger of state and corporate power." - Benito Mussolini (takes one, to know one).

Without exaggeration, you can change the world and your personal power within that world dramatically. Who would most benefit from the Guide to Power? People that for whatever reason are at the edge of existence: whether economically, educationally, socially or psychologically. Anyone who is subject to a rapacious, and to a great extent, thoughtless system run by corporations and millionaires. Those who oppose a system that is on a trajectory towards nuclear and environmental destruction. Survivalists. Anyone, with an open mind!



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Key 7: The Traction Effect

"The traction effect acts on the four mind function patterns, either to reinforce or change those patterns." -Author

Occasionally, you meet someone, and without a word being said, you feel excited and wish you had dressed better. What can be deduced from this chance encounter? The person met with is (unless gay) probably of the opposite sex based on "you feel excited." The wish to look your best, along with the feeling of excitement, also shows a person with self-awareness. The part, "you feel excited," is an effect, the cause belonging to the emotional and instinctive mind functions. The parts, "without a word being said" and "you feel excited," tell of a non-verbal, emotional and instinctive mind pattern selection triggered by the environmental traction effect.

The external environment can be regarded as a huge traction machine, exciting your intellectual, emotional, moving and instinctive mind functions and their accompanying mind patterns, either separately or in combination, into (predictable*) mind pattern channels. The environmental traction effect acts through the four mind functions and their patterns, and is triggered by one's interaction with people, places, thoughts and things. The remedy to the traction effect is to know that emotions, thoughts, instincts and their mind patterns must be examined objectively; only then will you have the full parliament of mind functions, your true I, agree with, neutralize or reject the environmental traction effect. At which point you can with truth say "I," and mean just that, the true I and no other.

* This is predictable in theory. In practice, one would need to feed enormous amounts of data into a preprogrammed, pattern-recognizing, pattern-evaluating computer (with allowance for an individual's self-preservational mind filtering). George Orwell's futuristic world of "Big Brother" will depend on computers. Presently, there is high-tech surveillance of supermarket checkout clerks, secretaries, and even rocket scientists. In the near future, most rental cars and trucks and everyday items, even recalcitrant American citizens maybe embedded with GPS, global positioning tracking devices (if the fascist control freaks get their way).


The Traction Effect Escape

The traction effect, in similarity to natural magnets, can act to attract or repel. An individual is attracted or repelled by what is the equivalent of metal within us, the emotions, thoughts, instincts and desires that comprise us all. Freedom of self is to be ourselves, not pushed or pulled willy-nilly by forces acting as a puppet master through the traction effect strings. That we are human, compelled to dance, or at least hum the traction effect tune is undoubted, but not always, and always, to a more or less extent depending on our power. The traction effect of people, situations, provoked thoughts and emotions need not draw, push or overwhelm us into a mechanical, automatic sleepwalk of reactive response. The relative objectivity of Ru, in attaining the one I, and later perhaps of self-consciousness, can free us from human bondage.

One important point: people that are physically or mentally compromised by bad environmental factors such as bad food, water and air, propaganda, violence, fear and stress (mostly man made), are far more subject to a traction effect of increasingly negative power.