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Guide to Power supplies special mind-guiding tools that raise the consciousness and personal power of its readers. The Guide to Power companion device, The Mind Guide, is useful in the mastery of personal power and in playing The Mind Guide game (a unique game that interacts with the real world).

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* James E. Lovelock has taken the consciousness of Mother Earth to a modern scientific level. Lovelock defines Gaia, Mother Earth, "as a complex entity involving the Earth's biosphere, atmosphere, oceans, and soil; the totality constituting a feedback or cybernetic system which seeks an optimal physical and chemical environment for life on this planet."

To kill Mother Earth, quick or slow is to kill ourselves in lockstep. —Author

Perhaps you are aware that mankind faces a Brave New World in which many multinational corporations are now the enemy of the people and democracy. The Guide to Power and Skeptic's Guide, which are combined books for our time, will help to inform and prepare you for the coming battles to overturn corporate rule (that is presently destroying the world).

"Fascism should more appropriately be called corporatism because it is the merger of state and corporate power." - Benito Mussolini (takes one, to know one).

Without exaggeration, you can change the world and your personal power within that world dramatically. Who would most benefit from the Guide to Power? People that for whatever reason are at the edge of existence: whether economically, educationally, socially or psychologically. Anyone who is subject to a rapacious, and to a great extent, thoughtless system run by corporations and millionaires. Those who oppose a system that is on a trajectory towards nuclear and environmental destruction. Survivalists. Anyone, with an open mind!



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Traps, their Causes and Escape

-- The prime trap is to be locked into a mind pattern attitude, action or reaction. – Author

Human maturity takes time and experience. The consequence is that most of us have a lot of time to make mistakes and to get caught up in traps. Fortunately, there are positive aspects to mistakes and traps, we can learn from them. See Power, the Basic List starting on page 15, for a basic rundown of mistakes that often lead to traps..

Regrettably, because of mismanagement, greed, societal neglect, prison brutality and injustice against large sections of the world's mostly poor populations, the entire world is now more dangerous then in the past. The great success of the arms industry, with vast sums of militarily squandered money both at home and abroad, shortsighted drug and foreign policy has contributed greatly to the world's insecurity problems and traps.

A few common traps originate in personal relationships, in unrestrained emotions of envy, hate, jealousy and greed, in personal insecurity, in exploitation by other people, in societal controls (mustly ideological, educational and economic), resulting in a false or poor self-image. Two very common and dangerous sexually derived traps, most often triggered among adolescents, and that should be avoided altogether are 1). creating and manipulating jealousy with regard to a third person and 2) in using a real or pretended claim of pregnancy to manipulate a love interest. Frankly, I know of no instance where either ploy was of any real advantage.

The majority of traps are not readily discernible, which is why we call them traps, most of which are personally created and triggered through unrestrained ego, emotions, greed, desires, complacency and other character faults. Many people understand the common traps of overextended credit cards, refinanced mortgages, gambling etc., even if after the fact. However, because most traps are personally created and accepted through poor self-image and insecurity they are particularly treacherous.

Further, there is that class of adaptability traps that are accepted through a sense of duty, loyalty or love, (usually derived from one's upbringing, e.g. nurture imprinting), often accompanied with a price in loss of, freedom, stress, personal health and unhappiness. If an individual is aware and accepts the special adaptability commitment they may not be regarded as a trap at all.

Many traps based on long-term personal relationships prove difficult to escape because of hard-wired mind and body pattern links. Some people are simply irrational and are traps in themselves, better to discover such a fact early on. Another trap is the reluctance to cut one's losses from a bad investment, i.e. "throwing good money after bad." To discover toxic traps at an early stage may allow you to correct and escape with minimum personal harm.

There is a class of common traps seldom considered: the natural human disposition toward stimulation and dependency. We stimulate ourselves through alcohol, caffeine, nicotine and other drugs, emotions and desires, etc. Depending on the effects of the various stimulants, we are more or less our true nature

-- The second prime trap is to accept a lie as truth.  –Author

The most widespread and insidious traps are created with misplaced reliance on accepted doctrine, wrong information or unwarranted assumptions (unreality). These last are created throughout the various stages of one's life (one's transitional states of being), particularly, when one's early, formative mind patterns are susceptible to unexamined, inferior, incomplete or wrongly interpreted external influences (See Changing State of Being, page 37, for specific external influences).

Then, there are criminal traps. Don't allow a criminal to trap you; be alert and aware of your surroundings, potentially dangerous people and situations (isolation, night and darkness triple danger). The awareness of your vulnerability and surroundings is the first line of defense! Three simple defensive weapons beside the last italicized sentence are: 1) a brazenly loud police whistle 2) pepper spray used for defense and not to punish peaceful protestors and 3) a fistful of dirt (about more later).

If you do get trapped, above all else, don't panic. You should employ the Ru,Key of calmness, dispassionateness and unhurriedness' and think of how to change a dangerous situation to one in your favor. To gain critical seconds before taking any physical escapist action distract an aggressor by carrying the police whistle mentioned above and using it early, or by asking any short question e.g. Why are you doing this? Why are you destroying your life? A short and easily answered question is best! If confronted by an aggressor with a weapon and your life is not in immediate danger, cooperate. If you consider your life in mortal danger, or if there is any attempt to bind your hands, then immediately make a tight fist with your thumb pressed against your index finger, ask the distracting question and jam your thumb into the assailants' eye just as hard as you can and run! No squeamishness here, for this is your life on the edge. Alternatively, use your forehead as a battering ram for maximum impact on a criminals nose. Further defensive weapons are to use your angular elbow as a weapon on a criminal's nose, eye or throat (be Ru kool, avoid striking a criminal's forehead or you will damage your elbow). While the defensive strategies just mentioned are unlikely to be adopted except by more aggressive or courageous women this writer felt it was obligatory to mention the possibility. Far better, particularly if you are a woman, is to take a martial arts self-defense course. Taking a martial arts course will prepare you mentally and physically for personal survival on many levels. . Moreover, for a lack of will power, self-esteem, or confidence, take a martial arts self-defense course. Get a friend or relative to join you in this mental and physical activity of great benefit. Incidentally, everyone looks quite presentable in a martial arts uniform.

Pretending to be weak or hurt is an alternative defensive strategy to that of actively fighting back, examples: 1). If you find yourself in the position of running from a stronger or armed criminal remember that you see the terrain ahead of you first, which can be an advantage for the imaginative i.e. head for water if you are a reasonable good swimmer, or for woods that can supply hiding cover, a branch, a stone or even a fistful of dirt to hurl hard into an aggressor's face, 2). If you see a rock or branch pretend to fall and hurt yourself while using your body as a screen when grabbing the potential weapon. 3) If a criminal is close behind you, look for a young tree sapling to bend and release at your assailant behnd you (hey, with correct timing you might get lucky). Note: The above examples change their characteristics depending on the season of the year..

Summary, don't place yourself in the position of victim, or look or act like a victim, and there is a far better chance that you will not be one.. Keep in mind that nearly all traps can be detected, avoided, and removed by understanding the main springboard of traps is occasioned by some of our fellow human beings, particularly that class of human beings identified as Sociopaths and Psychopaths, and in understanding the Ru and Skepticism fundamentals in attitude and awareness.*

Given the dumb down state of many Americans in accepting violence as a normal state of affairs and the state to which the Cheney-Bush-Obama torturers have allowed worldwide security to deteriorate a martial arts course and small arm training for responsible adults highly recommended. for everyone, For a further elaboration on the security issue, see the Elements of Danger on page 175,

Outlined above are some of the identifying elements and patterns common to most traps. Keep in mind that nearly all traps can be detected, avoided, and removed by understanding the main springboard of traps is occasioned by some of our fellow human beings, particularly that class of human beings identified as Sociopaths and Psychopaths, and to understand the Ru and Skepticism fundamentals in attitude and awareness. *

* Spend some useful time doing a computer search on understanding what the terms Sociopath and Psychopath mean and how to identify their characteristics.

Sociopath and Psychopath people are mentally ill and extremely dangerous! The following precautions will help protect you from the destructive acts of which they are capable.

First, to recognize them, keep the following guidelines in mind.
 (1) They are habitual liars. They seem incapable of either knowing or telling the truth about anything.

(2) They are egotistical to the point of narcissism. They really believe they are set apart from the rest of humanity by some special grace.

(3) They scapegoat; they are incapable of either having the insight or willingness to accept responsibility for anything they do. Whatever the problem, it is always someone else’s fault.

(4) They are remorselessly vindictive when thwarted or exposed.

(5) Genuine religious, moral, or other values play no part in their lives. They have no empathyfor others and are capable of violence. Under older psychological terminology, they fall into the category of psychopath or sociopath, but unlike the typical psychopath, their behavior is masked by a superficial social facade.

A far fuller Profile of the Sociopath can be found thanks to the following website: