The Personal Revolution To Freedom and Power



Guide to Power supplies special mind-guiding tools that raise the consciousness and personal power of its readers. The Guide to Power companion device, The Mind Guide, is useful in the mastery of personal power and in playing The Mind Guide game (a unique game that interacts with the real world).

Please note, for more information about the two part Guide to Power Book I, and the Skeptic's Guide to Power Book II, you are invited to download a free file in .pdf form.

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Please Note: You are encouraged to give complete copies of this Guide to Power preview to all your friends. Your friends may also share copies with their friends. This simple act of sharing can raise world consciousness for the better (see the consciousness of Mother Earth below).*

* James E. Lovelock has taken the consciousness of Mother Earth to a modern scientific level. Lovelock defines Gaia, Mother Earth, "as a complex entity involving the Earth's biosphere, atmosphere, oceans, and soil; the totality constituting a feedback or cybernetic system which seeks an optimal physical and chemical environment for life on this planet."

"To kill Mother Earth, quick or slow is to kill ourselves in lockstep." —- Author

Perhaps you are aware that mankind faces a Brave New World in which many multinational corporations are now the enemy of the people and democracy. The Guide to Power and Skeptic's Guide, which are combined books for our time, will help to inform and prepare you for the coming battles to overturn corporate rule (that is presently destroying the world).

"Fascism should more appropriately be called corporatism because it is the merger of state and corporate power." - Benito Mussolini (takes one, to know one).

Without exaggeration, you can change the world and your personal power within that world dramatically. Who would most benefit from the Guide to Power? People that for whatever reason are at the edge of existence: whether economically, educationally, socially or psychologically. Anyone who is subject to a rapacious, and to a great extent, thoughtless system run by corporations and millionaires. Those who oppose a system that is on a trajectory towards nuclear and environmental destruction. Survivalists. Anyone, with an open mind!


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The Mind Guide

"-- Welcome to the wild world of Guide to Power, where ideas matter!
- Author

ONCE IN A SLOWER, LESS technological age, a book on personal power could ignore the greater expanse of the world and have only normal concern for one's country's governance. No longer! An ideology that is now radical and corrupt in a world of nuclear, chemical and biotech weapons, in combination with global warming and steadily increasing human populations has changed everything. The Skeptic's Guide to Power Book II, is now a necessary companion to the stated mission of Guide to Power Book I. Let us now continue with that stated mission, to greatly increase our personal power. A relevant question does arise at the outset. Why strive to attain personal power? The answer is straightforward: to reach our true potential requires higher power, and survival for oneself and those one loves is a prime directive.

Power is the knife-edge of existence, cutting into everyone and everything. Surely, something so foundational to existence demands some part of an individual's time and attention. This book is about the kind of power that matters most, creative personal power.

There comes a time, planned or unplanned, when people feel compelled to take a stand and control their lives. The question then arises, just how is it to be done? Guide to Power and its companion device, the Mind Guide, present practical ways to the required power and without a wall of complication, myth, and positive thinking * (all of which may mask reality).

* That is, positive thinking not based on internal and external reality (later explored).

Truly, it makes no difference what you wish Guide to Power to do for you, whether to obtain a better position in life, to be smarter or to be rich. ** Guide to Power can supply the means to power; it is up to you to supply the motivational drive to power.

** You are aware that riches take many forms, quite aside from money, e.g. health, love, independence, creativity and personal power.

Most good nonfiction books have ideas specific to their subject matter. The Guide to Power is unusual, in that it is capable of generating quality ideas over a very wide spectrum. Here is an invitation you can hardly refuse. Do you wish to increase your intelligence and selectively improve thinking and creative ability beyond present imagining? Would you like a state of being that can redefine the possible? How about the possibility of stopping personal time with the advantage of foretelling the future? These are not small matters; nevertheless, if you have the desire and will to master Guide to Power then all are attainable. You say you are already a skeptic? Well I'll give you a skeptic's proviso, in using Guide to Power your natural intelligence will dramatically increase relative to your starting point.

-- Guide to Power is a great equalizer to the world's arrogant and privileged scoundrels, it is the mental equivalent of dynamite! - Author

Personal power is to have physical and mental ability and considerably more. It is a raised, holistic consciousness of reality. Have you had an occasional feeling, "if only I knew how to unlock higher powers? "Moreover, that the means to do so was just beyond reach. Your instincts were correct such power is attainable. For example, if you combine instincts, emotions, intelligence and their energies (all elements of any individual) into a superior combination, a personal transformation toward higher consciousness and power must necessarily follow. This guide will open the transformational pathways.

Many people drift through life without real purpose or direction until shocked from their complacency. A shock usually triggered with a blow to one's ego, a desire awakened, or simply, the realization of lost opportunities. This is an unpleasant awakening. On the positive side is the final awareness that a real lack of freedom and power exists. Moreover, that a shock adjustment to reality is not the only way to wake from a sleepwalk or to transform one's life. What is needed is a reliable guide to power.

We are all evolutionary survivors; it is our birthright. Survivors that we are, some of us through conscious act, in a spark of self-awareness, can decide to evolve further. Guide to Power has rare, original and ancient knowledge that can accelerate one's personal evolution. While it is necessary to master parts of Guide to Power, finding answers is not too difficult. Here is a practical, no-nonsense, right-to-the-point book.

The Guide to Power Table of Contents lists ordinary aspects of life: health, luck, motivation, energy and discipline, along with ideas rarely encountered. That is the way of power; the ordinary and rare create a winning combination.

What is the essence of Guide To Power and Skeptics Guide To Power?
The brief answer: it is well known that many people have strongly fixed mind patterns and attitudes that are anchored in the past. Unfortunately, they then find it difficult to be mentally flexible and creative and are less informed by current realities. Moreover, living a life has all manner of normal risks attached: accidents and mistakes occur, uninformed actions are taken, faulty mind patterns accumulate that cause serious misjudgements. That's where the Guide to Power keys come into play, they radiate new possibilities and freedoms. Through the familiarity and habit of useing the Guide to Power keys of Ru, Ra, and many others, along with a skeptical attitude, a liberating and creative dynamic of great power is released. Without exaggeration, you can change the world and your personal power within that world, perhaps dramatically.

Incidently, a few thoughtful military recruiters will loath the above paragraph with its emphasis on thought, skepticism, future possibilities and real freedom for their young, mostly uninformed Manchurian candidates (Manchurian Candidates is listed at the top of this page).

The challenging questions: What price would you pay to improve your life? Will you invest time, attention and effort to find a true improving pathway? Do you know that a single idea can transform your life? Guide to Power can be an unparalleled investment in your future, in your true treasure, in your life. Determine to live and breathe the Guide to Power environment for forty-eight hours, your view of what constitutes real power and wealth may never be the same. One final reason for immersing yourself in Guide to Power is that your mind patterns and those of others will decide your future. Therefore, can you conceive of anything more worth knowing?

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